Nilkamal BubbleGuard

BubbleGUARD is a revolutionary range of unique honeycomb structured boards, here to change the face of printing, packaging and protection.

Nilkamal BubbleGUARD is the company’s revolutionary foray into extrusion, backed by European patented co-extrusion technology, to produce sheets and rolls with a fortified honeycomb core. The versatile material is engineered to be fabricated into a wide range of solutions from thin and flexible to tough and rigid. Starting at a humble 200 gsm, the range builds up to 3,500 gsm which is aimed to replace the less efficient contemporary materials for printing, packaging and protection.

NilkamalNilkamal BubbleGUARD is a multi-layer polyproplyne board with a unique circular honeycomb structured core. The air – lock technology creates a cushioning effect to ensure protection. The patented structure results in a high strength – to- weight ratio, making these panels tough and durable yet light weight.

Nilkamal BubbleGUARD can fit seamlessly across various industries. These versatile boards help with protection, packaging, printing and paneling that find usage in industries like construction, automotive, steelworks, furniture, F&B, advertising, decor and logistics. This unique product promises endless possibilities, all it needs is imagination.

Nilkamal - BUBBLEGUARD - Floorguard

Now you can protect your expensive flooring from damages such as paint spillage, scratches from material movement during construction and renovation with the quick and easy floor protection solution – FloorGUARD

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Nilkamal - BUBBLEGUARD - Printguard

You can bring your brand communication alive with the innovative signage solution PrintGUARD, the unique range of boards specially designed for long lasting and highly aesthetic communication.

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Nilkamal - BUBBLEGUARD - Woodguard

WoodGUARDprotects your expensive furniture from moisture that can lead to bacterial and fungal growth, by acting as a shield between the damp walls and the furniture.

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