Store Food Safely – Madurai

Nilkamal Limited, world’s largest manufacturer of moulded furniture and Asia’s largest plastic processor of moulded products, organized a three day fare in the city last week to create awareness in market about using hygienic containers for storing food.

Given the importance of food safety, Cambro, the world’s largest company providing products for food service industries entered a 50-50 joint venture with Nilkamal for manufacturing select products and marketing across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

At the show, there were lots of products useful for hotels like FPO max crates, Industry standard crates, Heavy duty and conductive crates, that are made from specially blended raw material to prevent electric charges from passing through. Also on display were kit and modular crates widely used in electronics and electrical industry for storage and movement.

Foldable boxes/crates which are flexible, lightweight, safe to handle, can be folded multiple times and reused attracted lot of queries besides shelves made of composite materials, insulated and bulk containers, metallic cages, stacking frames for bulk material handling.

The innovative storage systems showcased talked about many advantages. Quick and easy to assemble, they also have more storage capacity even on less floor space, have increased load bearing capacity and are economical in the long run. There were also many multipurpose glasses of different shapes with an unique feature. They are strongly tempered and not easily breakable. There were also poly carbonate glasses and fast food trays imported from France and China.

The ice boxes with excellent insulation which maintain uniform temperature for storage and transportation of frozen food, meat, confectioneries, ice cream and are also used for storing soft drinks, snacks, pastries and frozen foods were another hit at the exhibition.

“These items are a boon for market and people are going crazy “ said Mr. Rajesh Chowdhury, the Regional Manager, Hospitality division, Nilkamal Ltd. The feedback from the customers was apparently encouraging.

Held for the first time in Madurai, there were visitors from many good hotels and catering colleges. Mr. P.K.Rajendran, Deputy General Manager, Nilkamal Limited said that through this exhibition, the customers were educated about various products. “Belief in service and quality is the secret of our success,” he added.

This article was originally published in “The Hindu”